Nexplanon implant insertion aftercare advice

Sexual Health

You have had an implant fitted in your arm. Keep the wound area clean and dry for at least 7 days.

Keep the dressing on for 2 days. 

Keep the plaster on for 5 days.

The area where the implant was inserted may feel numb for 2-3 hours after the fitting. If you experience any pain you may take painkillers e.g. Paracetamol as instructed by the manufacturer. 

You may notice some bruising on your arm when you remove the dressing. It will clear up within a few days. It may take weeks if you take the bandage off too soon. 

Avoid any heavy lifting for 7 days.

If you notice any swelling, redness, or weeping from the implant site, please contact us on 01709 427777.

Continue pills/condoms for a further 7 days. Any unprotected sex during this time will require emergency contraception.

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