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Continence Prescription Service

You are now registered with the Stoma Prescription Service. The Stoma nurses can prescribe the products you need and can help with any product related problems or general stoma care issues you might have.

Your product needs will be reviewed regularly and you can try different products that are clinically relevant. If you already have a stoma nurse, you can continue to see them. At times, we may need to speak with other healthcare professionals involved in your care to make sure we are prescribing the best products for your needs.

How do i order more supplies?

Your prescription will usually be set up to give you enough products for 1-2 months.

It is very important to monitor your stock levels and contact us to order more when you have 1-2 weeks’ worth of stock left to use.

When you contact us to ask for more supplies, we will ask you questions to check your identity and then ask if you have had any issues to learn if you may benefit from advice from a nurse.

As well as issuing your prescription, we can also help sort any delivery issues by speaking to your supplier.

We have an answer machine if the service is busy. Please leave us a message, including your name and contact details and we will call you back as soon as possible. We respond to every message we receive, if you don’t get a call back within 24 hours we may not have received your message, if this happens, please call again

Your prescription

Your prescription for stoma products is the same as a prescription for medication. The same prescription charges and exemptions apply. When we issue your prescription, we will usually send it electronically to your chosen pharmacy or Dispensing Appliance Company (DAC).

There are three options for where you would like your prescription to be sent:

  1. We can post the paper prescription to your home address.
    You can give it to a pharmacy or DAC of your choice. You will need to arrange to collect the products or arrange for them to be delivered to you.
  2. We can send your prescription electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.
    You will need to either go to the pharmacy to collect your products or arrange for them to be delivered to you.
  3. We can send your prescription electronically to a DAC of your choice.
    Your products will usually be delivered within 48 hours. Your parcel can be left in a safe place when you are not home if you agree to this.

You can select any of these options and can change this method whenever you choose. If you are unhappy with the service you receive from your dispenser/ supplier, we can help you change to another way of getting your products. 

Receiving your products

When you receive your products, it is important to:

  • check you have the right type of products that you need
  • check you have the right number of products
  • check for any issues or faults with the products

Please contact us straight away with any concerns. We will ask you for the Lot number and the Expiry date of the product (found on the packet) and will speak to your supplier to arrange replacement products.

Storing your products

All products should be stored away from direct heat, damp, dirt and dust and in their original packaging. This keeps items sterile (clean) and helps identify batch numbers if we are asked to replace faulty products.

Using your products

It is important that you use your products as advised. If you think your product is causing any problems, let us know and we will look for alternatives for you. Please do not adapt products as this can make the product unsafe and place you at risk. You will be told which products can be washed and re-used and which need to be used once and thrown away. If you are unsure please contact us for advice.

It is good to keep a small stock of your products to make sure you do not run out; however this should not be more than a 1 - 2 week’s supply. Keeping more than a 1 - 2 weeks supply can cause products to be wasted if your needs change; the stock you no longer need cannot be given to anyone else and has to be thrown away. When you get new products, make sure you use your older stock first. Using out of date products can put you at risk of infection or skin damage, so please check expiry dates.

Disposing of used products

Once you have used the single use products, you can get rid of them in your normal household waste. If you find you have lots of waste that you are struggling to dispose of, contact your local council to discuss a solution.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Telephone: 01709 382121

General advice

Stoma problems increases your risk of developing skin problems. Please tell us about any skin soreness so that a review with the nurse specialist can be arranged.

Get a RADAR key so that you can access disabled toilets. These toilets are accessible to wheelchair users and have sinks within the toilet area.

Please contact RADAR disability network on 01709 255752 or visit the website for information on obtaining a key.

How to contact us

Stoma Prescription Service
Rotherham Community Health Centre
Greasbrough Road
S60 1RY

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm (excluding bank holidays)

Telephone: 01709 423517

Outside of our opening hours, please leave an answerphone message and we will return your call the next working day. If you need assistance outside of Stoma Prescription Service opening hours, you can contact the Care Co-ordination Centre - telephone: 01709 426600

You can also contact your Stoma Nurse or the hospital Stoma Care Team where you had your surgery.

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