Urgent and Emergency Care Centre

The Urgent and Emergency Care Centre (UECC) provides care for those who need urgent medical attention.

Urgent and Emergency Care Centre at Rotherham Hospital

The department provides clinical care to people of any age for a range of problems, from life-threatening conditions to injury and illness.

An urgent care need is something which needs immediate care but isn’t life or limb threatening.

An emergency care need is something which is life or limb threatening. This can include things like choking, severe bleeding, chest pains and blacking out.

Urgent and Emergency Care Centre

Rotherham Hospital
Moorgate Road
S60 2UD

01709 424455

Open 24 hours

Attending the UECC

You will be assessed at the front door by healthcare professionals. They will place you into one of our 'streams' based on the care you need and help us to ensure patients are seen by the most suitable professional. 

For all streams, we see patients in priority order. This means that you may be waiting longer than others who need more urgent attention.

If your condition does not require urgent treatment, you will be signposted to an alternative service such as your GP, pharmacist or other community care provision.

UECC myth

Arriving by ambulance means you are seen more quickly.

This isn't true.

Patients arriving by ambulance are triaged in exactly the same way as those who walk through the front door.

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