Medical physics

Medical physics includes nuclear medicine/vascular measurement, cardiac physiology, and respiratory physiology. 

Nuclear Medicine / Vascular Measurement

Nuclear medicine is the use of small amounts of radioactive material to help gather images of various parts of the body. These images help professionals to make a diagnosis. 

The nuclear medicine service offers a full range of imaging and in-vitro (test tube) tests including:
• bone scans
• brain imaging
• gallium Imaging
• gastro-intestinal imaging
• GFR studies
• kidney scans
• lung perfusion scans
• MIBG imaging
• MUGA scans
• myocardial perfusion imaging
• octreotide/tecktrotyd imaging
• red cell volume studies
• thyroid and parathyroid imaging
• white cell scans

Cardiac Physiology

The Cardiac Physiology department offers a range of procedures including stress testing, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac catheterisation, as well as providing cardiac devices. 

Respiratory Physiology

We provide a full range of services including pulmonary function testing, sleep studies, CPAP assessment, oxygen assessment, exercise testing, and patient advice and support. 

Medical Physics
Rotherham Hospital

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