The orthopaedics department treat musculoskeletal disorders (including bones, joints, ligaments and tendons).

Outpatient Clinic

If your GP has referred you to an Orthopaedic Consultant for a non-emergency condition, you will be seen in one of our Orthopaedic Outpatient clinics. These are held every weekday and most of them take place in the Fracture Clinic, which is located on B Level. The entrance is opposite the main carpark to the left of UECC.

When you attend for your appointment, you may be asked to have an x-ray before you see the doctor. You may have other investigations such as an MRI scan or ultrasound scan.

When you have had all the necessary tests and investigations, your consultant will discuss treatment options with you. At this point, you may decide that surgery is the best option for you.

Fracture Clinic

If you attend our Urgent & Emergency Care Centre (UECC) department due to an injury to your arm, leg, shoulder or foot, depending on how serious your injury is, you may be admitted directly to the Orthopaedic Trauma Unit. If you don't need to be admitted straight away, you are likely to be referred to our Fracture Clinic.

Fracture clinics are held every weekday and take place in the Fracture Clinic, near to the x-ray department. The entrance is opposite the main carpark to the left of UECC.

You may be asked to have an x-ray before seeing the doctor.

Admission for Planned Surgery

If you are having elective (planned) orthopaedic surgery, you are most likely to be admitted to the Elective Orthopaedic Unit (C Level, Rotherham Hospital). This includes inpatients who will have an overnight stay and some day case procedures.

Some day case procedures are carried out on the Day Surgery Unit (B Level, Rotherham Hospital). You are likely to be discharged without an overnight stay.

On the day of admission, an anaesthetist will assess you to see if you are medically fit for surgery. A nurse will ensure your personal details are correct and help to prepare you for surgery.

Trauma Admission

The Orthopaedic Trauma Unit is located on C Level (Rotherham Hospital). This ward deals with orthopaedic trauma injuries and each case is discussed in our trauma conference, which is held on the unit every morning. Here the patients’ needs are assessed and theatre lists are arranged in priority order.

For more information on the orthopaedic trauma pathway, watch the video below. 

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Waiting times

Please see the NHS My Planned Care website for current average waiting times. Please note, the My Planned Care data is the average wait time of the full range of elective Orthopaedic procedures at Rotherham Hospital. 

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