Blood transfusion

The blood transfusion laboratory provides blood and blood components and products to the hospital for the transfusion of patients.

It also provides an antenatal serology screening service to the patients of Rotherham, including the provision of a prophylactic anti-D service. Our service is run in compliance with the Blood Safety and Quality regulations (2005).

The Blood Bank/Haematology Biomedical Scientist on-call can be contacted via telephone number 01709 424236 or the hospital switchboard 01709 820000.

The Consultant Haematologists are available via the hospital switchboard 01709 820000 and radio pagers – ask for the clinical haematologist on-call. The Haematologists are available 24/7 to offer clinical advice and interpretation of results. 

Blood transfusion

A level, junction 2
Rotherham Hospital
Moorgate Road
S60 2UD

01709 427107

Opening times

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.50pm
Saturday, 9am to 1pm
All other times (including Bank Holidays), out of hours service


Clinical Staff

Consultant Haematologist and Head of Department, 01709 424188
Consultant Haematologist, 01709 427419 or 01709 427314

Clerical Staff

Secretaries: 01709 427119

Scientific and Technical Staff

Integrated Blood Transfusion Manager, 01709 424088
Deputy Blood Bank Manager, 01709 427107

Hospital Transfusion Practitioner

Hospital Transfusion Practitioner, 01709 427666

Admin Staff

Hospital Transfusion Team Administrator, 01709 424760 / 01709427666

Blood transfusion user handbook

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