Physiotherapists study movement and function of the body such as how people move, their balance, posture, fatigue and pain. 

We have dedicated teams for adult physiotherapy and children's physiotherapy. See the below for more information. 


Adult Physiotherapy
Park Rehabilitation Centre
Badsley Moor Lane
S65 2QL


Adult Physiotherapy
C level, junction 3
Rotherham Hospital

Telephone: 01709 423200

Children's Physiotherapy
Kimberworth Place
Kimberworth Road
S61 1HE

Telephone: 01709 428859

Adult physiotherapy

Outpatient Physiotherapy

Outpatient clinics are held at Park Rehabilitation Centre.

Services include:

  • assessment and treatment for orthopaedic musculoskeletal conditions
  • rheumatology
  • maternity and gynaecology
  • neurology
  • support and treatment for amputees
  • chronic pain management

Treatments include:

  • manual therapy
  • electrotherapy
  • acupuncture
  • hydrotherapy
  • education and self-help programmes
  • active rehabilitation

Inpatient Physiotherapy

Our inpatient physiotherapy service at Rotherham Hospital covers:

  • Critical Care (including the Intensive Care, High Dependency and Coronary Care Units)
  • Surgery (General and Urology)
  • Paediatrics (Child Health)
  • Specialist Medicine (Rheumatology and Haematology)
  • General Medicine including Respiratory
  • The Stroke Unit
  • Orthopaedics
  • Maternity and Gynaecology
  • Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy, including pulmonary rehabilitation

Children's physiotherapy

Children's physiotherapists have additional knowledge about child development and childhood conditions and are experts in working with babies, children and young people.

Children may need help from a physiotherapist for a wide variety of reasons including:

  • delayed development of physical skills e.g. late walkers
  • difficulties arising from long term medical conditions such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy
  • syndromes and diseases e.g. childhood cancer
  • recovery from injuries e.g. head injuries
  • rehabilitation after surgery

We provide individual assessment and may offer one or more of the following, depending on the child’s needs and those of their family:

  • exercise programmes
  • one-to-one therapy sessions
  • advice on specialist handling techniques
  • ideas on correct positioning - to help a child function physically to their full potential and to protect their health and body shape as they grow
  • suggestions for mobility aids and other specialist equipment.

We may also provide specific training for families, school staff and the young person themselves on what to do.

We always try to work in partnership with the children and young people themselves, their families and any other professionals involved.

The team are based at Kimberworth Place but may visit patients in their own homes or at school or nursery.

Children can be referred by health visitors, GPs, consultants, or their school SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).

If you are concerned about your child, please speak to any of the above people to discuss a referral.  

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