Respiratory and Sleep Physiology

We offer a range of services, clinics and investigations for patients, from sleep disorders to oxygen assessment services.

We offer tests such as spirometry and lung function tests at BreathingSpace. Some specialised tests, such as Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) are offered at Rotherham Hospital.

Patients are referred to us by their doctor and may be asked to visit us for assessment before and after planned surgery. 

Respiratory investigations include:

  • Full lung function tests for people experiencing breathing problems
  • Spirometry - this test measures the amount of air you can blow out
  • Bronchodilator Response - this test assesses if respiratory drugs designed to open up airways will be beneficial to specific patients
  • Bronchial challenge tests - this tests measures how reactive a patient's airways are
  • Nebuliser assessments - this checks if inhaled nebuliser therapy is beneficial to specific patients
  • Body Plethysmography - this test provides additional information on lung function e.g. total thoracic gas volume, airways resistance
  • Respiratory Muscle Tests - this assesses respiratory muscle strength/weakness
  • Allergy testing - this test assesses if a patient demonstrates an allergic reaction to specific allergens, e.g. grass pollen, cat dander
  • Capillary blood gases - this checks a patient's blood gas status e.g. oxygen and carbon dioxide content within the blood

We also offer a comprehensive sleep disordered breathing service, oxygen assessment and cardio pulmonary exercise testing.

Respiratory and Sleep Physiology
BreathingSpace (first floor)
Badsley Moor Lane
S65 2QL

Telephone: 01709 421780

To order non-invasive ventilation (NIV) or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment:

Telephone: 01709 421780

Sleep disordered breathing service

Patients are screened for possible sleep disorders and undergo a consultation, routine medical investigations and variety of home or inpatient sleep studies. These include overnight oximetry, airflow measurements and respiratory polysomnography.  If you are found to have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea we will provide you with a trial of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) equipment. 

CPAP Therapy

Specialist support is provided by physiologists for CPAP therapy. Patients get access to a wide range of equipment to help treatment. We have close links to both Ear Nose and Throat department, for patients to be referred for assessment, and Orthodontics where simple snorers can be fitted with Mandibular Advancement Devices (similar to gum shields) to help reduce severe snoring.

Oxygen assessment services

This is a clinic which provides assessment and review for patients with or suspected of needing oxygen therapy.  Our assessments include long term oxygen therapy (LTOT), ambulatory (portable) oxygen therapy or requirements for oxygen during air travel. We ensure that all patients get the most appropriate oxygen delivery system to fit in with their lifestyle and enhance their quality of life. 

Cardio Respiratory exercise testing

This measures your capacity to exercise and is used when we are assessing unexplained breathlessness or to help identify factors which might limit your ability to exercise. We offer measurement of oxygen consumption, VO2 max and anaerobic threshold, for patients before and after surgery. We also provide a service to test for and diagnose exercise induced asthma to to find out whether breathlessness is related to cardiac or respiratory problems.

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