Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception works by preventing an egg from being fertilised by a sperm by delaying the release of the egg in the hope to prevent pregnancy.

Emergency contraception is most effective the sooner it is taken after unprotected sex or failure of your regular contraceptive method, such as missed pills or split condoms.

There are two main methods, the copper coil and the emergency pill of which there are two types, Ulipristal acetate and Levonorgestrel.

If you are under 25, you are entitled to free emergency contraception. 

Types of emergency contraception

Copper IUD

The copper IUD is 10 times more effective at preventing pregnancy than emergency pills. It is the most effective method of emergency contraception and will work even after you have most likely already ovulated, i.e. more than halfway through a regular cycle. It can be fitted up to 5 days after unprotected sex or 5 days after the earliest possible time of ovulation. The IUD is effective immediately and it can be kept in as a hormone free method of contraception for up to 10 years if you would like, or we can remove the coil after we know you are not pregnant. 

Levonorgestrel (also known as Levonelle)

Levonelle needs to be taken within 72 hours (3 days) of unprotected sex and works by delaying the release of an egg. It only prevents pregnancy for that one episode of UPSI and you are not protected after this. 

Ulipristal acetate (also known as (ellaOne)

ellaOne has to be taken within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It stops or delays the release of an egg. If you are on the contraceptive, it will also stop this from working properly. You must wait 5 days before taking your pill again and then another 7 days before you can rely on your oral contraceptive so 12 days of condom use are required. After taking ellaOne, if you do not wait 5 days before restarting your contraceptive pill, you will be at risk of pregnancy.

Out of hours emergency contraception

If you aren’t able to get to us within our opening hours please use the links below for a list of pharmacies that supply FREE emergency oral contraception for Rotherham residents. Please ring the pharmacy before you go, to make sure a trained member of staff is working. You will need to consult with a pharmacist before taking any emergency contraception. 

Abbey Pharmacy Rotherham 19-21 Howard Street, Rotherham, S65 1JQ 01709 377421
Allied Pharmacy Aston Customer Services Centre, Swallownest, S26 4WD 01709 254134
Allied Pharmacy 2 Church Street, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham, S63 7QY 01709 873134
Asda Store Rotherham off Aldwarke Lane, Doncaster Road, Rotherham, S65 3SW 01709 850670
Day Lewis Pharmacy Thorogate Surgery, 6 The Parade, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, S62 7HX 01709 522605
Day Lewis Pharmacy 52 Claypit Lane, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, S62 5HD 01709 522286
Good Measure Pharmacy Unit 18 Alexander Centre, Parkgate, Rotherham, S62 6JE 01709 780788
Knollbeck Pharmacy 65 Knollbeck Lane, Brampton, Rotherham, S73 0TW 01226 341281
Silverwood Pharmacy 90 Flanderwell Lane, Sunnyside, Rotherham, S66 3TQ 01709 296500
Weldricks Pharmacy 27 Brinsworth Lane, Rotherham, S60 5BS 01709 378320
Weldricks Pharmacy Maltby Leisure & Services Centre, Braithwell Road, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 8JE 01709 813344
Weldricks Pharmacy Maltby  94A High Street, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 7BN 01709 812429
Weldricks Pharmacy Swallownest 31-33 High Street, Swallownest, Sheffield, S26 4TT 0114 287 7006
Weldricks Pharmacy Swinton 1A Church Street, Swinton, Mexborough, S64 8QA 01709 582776
York Road Healthcare Ltd 72-78 York Road, Eastwood, Rotherham, S65 1PW 01709 375304