Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech and language therapists assess and treat swallowing and communication problems.

We offer specialist services for both adults and children. Our teams offer support for a variety of conditions, working both in Rotherham Hospital and throughout community settings. 

Adult Speech and Language Therapy
Rotherham Hospital

Telephone: 01709 427015


Children's Speech and Language Therapy
Rotherham Community Health Centre

Telephone: 01709 423230 or 01709 423229

Adult speech and language therapy

We work with a range of teams across Rotherham, liaising closely with other health and social care providers.

We treat a variety of conditions including:

  • progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia
  • respiratory problems and COPD
  • voice problems
  • head and neck cancer
  • stammer/dysfluency
  • communication difficulties after a stroke

Our team works in wards in Rotherham Hospital, in patients' own homes and care homes, in outpatient clinics at Rotherham Hospital, Park Rehabilitation and Rotherham Community Health Centre. We also offer video appointments where appropriate. 

You can self-refer through the Rotherham Health App or by calling 01709 427015.


Children's speech and language therapy

Our aim is to help children develop the best possible communication skills, taking into account their individual needs, difficulties and abilities. We can also expertise in helping babies, children and young people who are having trouble with eating, drinking and swallowing for physical reasons.

Children may see a Speech and language therapist if they need help with one or more of the following:

  • speech and sound difficulties
  • delayed talking
  • difficulties understanding
  • stammering
  • feeding difficulties (chewing and swallowing)
  • difficulties interacting
  • word finding difficulties
  • selective mutism (extreme anxiety speaking to others)
  • voice difficulties (persistent loss of or croaky voice)
  • persistently nasal speech

We work in partnership with our patients, their families and any other professionals involved. Depending on a child's needs, we may provide one or more of the following.

  • specialist assessment and advice
  • strategies, training and activity suggestions for parents, carers and school/nursery staff so they know how to help
  • if needed, a block of regular sessions to work towards a particular goal
  • written reports and programmes when required
  • advice and help with the alternative methods of communication that are needed by some children e.g. signing.

We are based at Rotherham Health Community Centre and Kimberworth Place but work across Rotherham including clinics in Aston, Anston, Wickersley, Wath, and Maltby. We also work in schools when needed. 

We have an open referral system and take referrals from parents for pre-school children. For school age children we recommend parents ask school to refer so we can obtain more detailed information about how their difficulty is impacting in school and which other practitioners/services are involved.

Referrals can be made by calling 01709 423230 or 01709 423229

We operate in specialist teams and it is helpful if detailed information is made available at the initial stage of the referral to ensure that children can be seen quickly and by the most appropriate part of the service.


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