Tuberculosis (TB) Specialist Nurse

The Tuberculosis (TB) Specialist Nurse provides expert advice and support in the management and control of TB.

This includes: 

  • Supporting patients and their families undergoing TB treatment as their key worker. 
  • Contact tracing (screening) of family and friends and other contacts who are identified as being at risk following exposure to TB. 
  • Supporting other health care professionals to achieve a prompt diagnosis and avoid delay in any required treatment. 
  • Supporting the education of healthcare staff and general public about Tuberculosis. 
  • Identifying and assisting in TB outbreaks, working closely with the Health Protection Agency. 
  • Offering advice on any aspect associated with TB and its treatment. 
  • Promoting quality, evidence based care which is seen as best practice and developing the TB nursing service to meet the patients’ local needs. 
  • Prescribing TB medication for patients and supporting the patient to achieve the completion of TB treatment 

You may be referred to the TB nurse by another healthcare professional. 

TB Specialist Nurse

Telephone: 01709 425558

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