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Due to COVID-19, there are visiting restrictions in place at Rotherham Hospital. Click here for details.


Car parking

Car parking at Rotherham Hospital 
Car parking at Rotherham Community Health Centre 
Car parking at Badsley Moor Lane

Car Parking at Rotherham Hospital

There are car parks near each main entrance to the hospital, the plan below shows their location. The car parks can get full quickly, so if you are visiting the hospital for an appointment please allow extra time for parking.

Car parking charges at Rotherham Hospital have been suspended due to COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Unfortunately at the Rotherham Hospital site we have to charge for car parking to cover maintenance and security of the car parks. The car parks are pay on foot, which means you pay when you return to your car. 

The car parking charges are:

  • Up to 30 mins - free
  • 30 mins-1 hour - £2.10 
  • 1-2 hours - £3.20
  • 2-4 hours - £4.60 
  • 4-6 hours - £5.70
  • 6-24 hours - £7.00 

Car parking concessions

    Motor cycles and bicycles : Free  

      Long stay / frequent clinics: For those partners/patients who have family in the Hospital for a period longer than 7 days, or patients attending Outpatients clinics frequently (3 times per week), a daily pass will be issued by security which will be £1.00 per visit. Senior ward staff will need to fill in the concessionary parking form and take this to security who will issue the ticket bringing it down to £1.00. On receipt of the information Security will issue a ticket to the value of £1.00.  Patients/visitors are asked to speak to a senior ward staff member for more information.

        Hospital site map 2021 

        Car Parking at Rotherham Community Health Centre

        Rotherham Community Health Centre, Greasbrough Road, Rotherham, S60 1RY is close to Rotherham Interchange and directly behind Rotherham Council’s Bailey House. There is free car parking for patients on site. Spaces are limited but further parking is available at the multi-storey car park above the Rotherham Interchange.

        Car Parking at Badsley Moor Lane sites

        The following services are situated on Badsley Moor Lane. There is free car parking for patients on site:

        • Park Rehabilitation Centre (PRC)
        • BreathingSpace