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Car parking

Car parking at Rotherham Hospital 
Car parking at Rotherham Community Health Centre 
Car parking at Badsley Moor Lane

Rotherham Hospital

There are car parks near each main entrance to the hospital, the map below shows their location. The car parks can get full quickly, so if you are visiting the hospital for an appointment please allow extra time for parking. If it is safe to do so, please consider alternative transport to the hospital.

From Monday 19 July 2021, the public car parking charges at Rotherham Hospital are:

Up to 30 mins           Free

30 mins – 1 hour      £2.10

1 – 2 hours               £3.20

2 – 4 hours               £4.60

4 – 6 hours                £5.70

6 – 24 hours              £7.00

Blue Badge holders: Free. (If parking in the main barrier controlled car park, please press the intercom on the exit barrier and show your badge when requested. You can apply to the estates team by emailing for a 12-month permit, which will allow you to enter and leave freely. Alternatively, you may apply for a permit via our application form.)

Concessions are also available for Macmillan patients, frequent outpatient appointments, parents staying overnight with their children on a ward and family members or carers who have a relative/dependent in the Hospital for a period longer than 7 days. If you qualify for a concession, please ask ward/clinic staff for a concessions form to confirm you are eligible. This can then be taken to the Welcome Desk in the hospital's main entrance or the Security team for the discount to be applied.

Those on low income can use the NHS Low Income Scheme.

Our parking Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    Hospital site map 2021 

    Parking at Rotherham Community Health Centre

    Rotherham Community Health Centre, Greasbrough Road, Rotherham, S60 1RY is close to Rotherham Interchange and directly behind Rotherham Council’s Bailey House.

    The parking charges at Rotherham Community Health Centre are:

    Blue badge Holders  Free

    Up to 30 mins            Free

    30 mins – 1 hour       £2.10

    1 – 2 hours                £3.20

    2 – 4 hours                £4.60

    4 – 6 hours                £5.70

    6 – 24 hours              £7.00

    There are also a number of ways you can get free or reduced cost parking, please talk to your health care team if these apply to you:

    • Free parking for cancer patients
    • Free parking for blue badge holders
    • Discounts for people who attend often 
    • The NHS Low Income Scheme – for help applying for this you can also contact Citizen’s Advice on their freephone advice line: 0808 278 7911 or 01709 515680 to book a ‘Video Advice Callback’.

    Spaces are limited but further parking is available at the multi-storey car park above the Rotherham Interchange.

    Parking at Badsley Moor Lane sites

    The following services are situated on Badsley Moor Lane. There is free car parking for patients on site:

    • Park Rehabilitation Centre (PRC)
    • BreathingSpace