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Rotherham Backs Breastfeeding

23 Dec 2021 12:43:19
Breastfeeding campaign Rotherham

The Trust’s Infant Feeding Team is launching a campaign in 2022 to raise awareness across Rotherham of the importance of breastfeeding and to make feeding in public easier for new parents. 

Anxiety around feeding in public is a significant barrier to breastfeeding, and this campaign is designed to support new parents into feeling more comfortable feeding their babies in public spaces across Rotherham. 

Vicky Wilkinson, Community Infant Feeding Co-ordinator, who is running the local campaign, said: “We want to create a culture of encouragement and support for breastfeeding across Rotherham so that everyone feels comfortable to feed their babies wherever they are.

“Breastfeeding rates in Rotherham are lower than the national average. The low breastfeeding rates are an obvious incentive for change and a real opportunity to address a key health inequality. The benefits of breastfeeding to both child and parent go beyond nutrition and include attachment, immunity protection and protection from long-term conditions and diseases, including some forms of cancer. 

“We’re creating information packs to provide new parents with practical tips for feeding when they are around other people and a list of Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF) venues and spaces across the town.” 

Local businesses and organisations with public premises are being invited to register to become a Breastfeeding Friendly (BF) venue. 

Calling all artists and crafters!

The aim of the Rotherham Backs Breastfeeding campaign is to send a clear message to new parents that their breastfeeding efforts are valued. 

Vicky said: “We want our campaign to be eye catching, memorable and special. There are many talented artists, crafters and creators in Rotherham that we would love to involve in the campaign. We are asking for a variety of art and craft donations, a unique piece of art or craft for inclusion in an exhibition to run in conjunction with the campaign.” 

The crafts should celebrate babies being breastfed or send an important message about why breastfeeding in public must be supported. Pieces should be easy to transport and display so not too large please.  

The closing date for submissions of exhibition pieces is now 2 May, 2022

More details can be found on the Infant Feeding pages here.