Rotherham Hospital's neonatal unit embarks on a brighter journey

Five months after launching the Tiny Toes appeal, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity have celebrated the reopening of the hospital's refurbished neonatal unit. This signifies a positive stride forward in the Trust’s ongoing commitment to delivering the highest standard of care for Rotherham’s most vulnerable patients.

Incubator in unit

The reopening of the neonatal unit spotlights the impactful changes made possible through the generosity and dedication of donors and supporters. The work includes a complete refurbishment to enhance heating, lighting, and accessibility. The outdated ‘viewing corridor’ which was previously in place has been removed to create additional space, allowing for the accommodation of up to 16 babies at a time.

Alison Cowie, Head of Nursing for Children’s Services at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We are immensely proud of our caring and compassionate staff who, day in and day out, provide exceptional care for these vulnerable newborns. The newly renovated neonatal unit will not only benefit our smallest patients but also creates a positive and inspiring work environment for our dedicated team.”

Launched in September 2023, the Tiny Toes appeal aimed to raise £150,000 for a comprehensive redevelopment of the neonatal unit, ensuring that the facilities align with the exceptional care provided by hospital staff.

Since the campaign began, the community has united in unwavering support for the Tiny Toes appeal. As work continues to improve the neonatal unit, the appeal remains active, with ongoing fundraising efforts to secure additional enhancements and create a world-class facility for generations to come.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the Tiny Toes appeal, emphasising the impact of collective support on the wellbeing of Rotherham's smallest community members.

Rachael Dawes, Head of Fundraising at Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity, said: “The successful reopening of the neonatal unit stands as a testament to the community's compassion and dedication to supporting the hospital's most fragile patients. While the old unit received praise from families, it still requires a significant upgrade to meet the evolving needs of both families and healthcare professionals and we are ever so grateful for the contributions.”

To date, the appeal has raised over £55,000, but there is still a considerable journey ahead and Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity are urgently seeking donations to meet their intended target of £150,000.