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Meet the team

Sam Beever

“My role at Rotherham is a biomedical scientist, in particular in the areas of haematology and blood transfusion, which mostly involves testing patient samples, checking the results of tests and taking care of the analysers.”

“I've always had an interest in human biology and an affinity with technology. So after working in both hospital and research labs in between my undergraduate and master's degrees, I made up my mind and decided to focus on building a career in medical laboratories.”

“Outside of the work, aside from the occasional night out, I split my time between gaming, playing the piano and going to the gym.”

Pathology Sam Beever

Rob Stirk

Rob has been the blood bank manager at Rotherham since April 2018. “I originally started a chemistry degree, however I left at the end of the second year. I knew I wanted to work in a laboratory and applied for any interesting laboratory based jobs.”

Rob, who has four children, doesn’t have much time for hobbies. “When I do get chance I enjoy gaming, especially racing games. I enjoy cooking and trying out new ideas in the kitchen.”

Pathology Rob Stirk

Shona Lawson

Shona has had lots of different jobs before finding her current role. “I started off in retail mainly then began working for the Trust in the Sterile Services department for a few years before I started working in the labs.

 “I started as a medical laboratory assistant in 2017 and shortly after expressed an interest in undertaking a degree to progress in my career to the role of biomedical scientist. My line manager provided information about the degree apprenticeship route and I was fortunate to be put forward for enrolment.”

Shona is now attending Sheffield Hallam University one day a week for lectures and does practical training in her workplace – the microbiology lab.

Shona Lawson

Stuart Lord

Stuart Lord is a transfusion practitioner at Rotherham: “I found science interesting at school, and together with wanting to contribute and make a difference in the healthcare setting, a combination of these two seemed the most logical choice. Therefore training to become a biomedical scientist was the first step in my career path.”

“As the trusts transfusion practitioner I am responsible for providing a link between the Blood Transfusion Laboratory and the clinical services within the trust. My day to day role varies considerably, ranging from direct training and education, interacting with various members of healthcare professionals and most importantly ensuring to the best of my ability that the transfusion service provided to our patients is safe, underpinned by the Trust core values and vision.”

Pathology Stuart Lord

Lauren Rowe

Lauren is a biomedical scientist in histology and said she always had an interest in biology. 

“In school we did two weeks work experience and I was lucky enough to carry mine out in the Histology department at TRFT. My role involves preparing slides to assist the Histopathologists with diagnosing cancer and other diseases. I also use antibodies to identify different tumour sites and assess different treatment options.”

When she’s not saving lives behind the scenes, Lauren enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding and walking dog.

Pathology Lauren Rowe

Paul Emmerson 

After doing some volunteer work in a research laboratory at the University of Sheffield, Paul realised he wanted to do lab-based work.

“As the medical laboratory assistant (MLA) role didn't require any formal qualifications, all the training I have received has been in-house. This training gave me the knowledge and understanding required to both meet the demands of the MLA role and to progress to my current role.”

Paul is now a pathology specimen reception manager. He enjoys running long distance in his spare time and admits to having a 'slight' tattoo addiction.

Paul Emmerson

Nicola Davey

“I loved science at school and wanted to pursue a scientific career which made a difference. Therefore, I decided to become a biomedical scientist working within the NHS.”

Nicola completed a BSc in Applied Biomedical Science at the University of Lincoln, and during the three year degree course had placements within the Path Links laboratory network and Nottingham University Hospitals Pathology departments. 

Nicola enjoys films, sewing and spending family time with her husband and son at farms and messy play events.

Pathology Nicola Davey

Linsey Senior

“I have always been fascinated by disease, how it affects the human body, and how scientific and analytical advances have made it possible for us to monitor and help treat disease. I am currently a specialist biomedical scientist in biochemistry. We analyse thousands of samples a day helping clinicians to diagnose acute conditions such as myocardial infarction and acute kidney failure, and monitoring chronic conditions such as diabetes and liver failure.”

Linsey is a rugby fan and loves to read - her current obsession is medieval history.

Pathology Linsey Senior

Jack Casbon

“I am the senior biomedical scientist in immunology so spend my days managing the department and ensuring that staff running the tests are supported and have everything that they need to achieve the quality of work that we aim for.”

Jack got into his career because he has always had an interest medical science.

“As a biomedical scientist I am in a scientific role which allows me to expand my knowledge and experience in the field while directly contributing to patient care.”

Jack Casbon

Holly Neill

Holly knew she wanted to have a career in healthcare but didn't want to train to be a doctor or nurse.

“I began looking into other roles within the hospital setting when applying for university. I always enjoyed biology at school and when I saw courses for biomedical science I knew I had found the career for me.” Holly is the senior biomedical scientist in biochemistry.

“This involves not only working in the laboratory as a biomedical scientist but also taking responsibility for many of the behind the scenes aspects of the Automated section within the department, such as writing standard operating procedures, performing audits and ensuring the lab has everything it needs to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.”

Pathology Holly Neill

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